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Product Stewardship

Product stewardship is a term used to describe a product-centered approach towards environmental protection. It is one of the key codes of the Responsible Care initiative.

Participants of this scheme take full responsibility for the environmental effects of their products and therefore take these costs into account when making decisions about the production, purchase and disposal of their products. This resolves the issue of environmental impacts of products as far up the product chain as possible.

We realise that besides ensuring that our products are environmental friendly from its inception, the success of this initiative can only be fully realised by working in a coordinated manner with our suppliers, customers, end users right up to its final disposal.

With this understanding, and with the commitment to efficiently manage these responsibilities, BASF PETRONAS Chemicals has developed its very own Product Stewardship Program (PSP). This program involves, among others, the development of close, sustained dialogues, working relationships and information sharing among suppliers, customers, and other related parties.

Our Commitment to Product Stewardship

We are committed to conduct our business in accordance with the Product Stewardship Code of Management Practices. Besides carrying out the Product Stewardship Program in-house we also extend this program in the form of consultancy services to our customers upon their request.

Our Product Stewardship Code of Management Practices are based on the following guiding principles:

  • To comply with local and international Environmental, Safety and Health regulations, as well as our commitment to the Responsible Care ® initiative to protect people and the environment
  • To meet the objective of long-term sustainability by bringing our technical expertise on Environmental, Safety and Health to our business partners
  • To prepare and monitor guidelines and assure proactive and strategic business partnering with customers, suppliers, authorities and service providers in developing safe, cost-effective and value added solutions throughout the product life cycles
  • To take care that our customers and service providers are in compliance with our procedures and safety requirements on the handling, transportation, storage and disposal of products
  • To ensure economic considerations do not take priority over Environmental, Safety and Health issues
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