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What’s here for Undergraduates and Fresh Graduates?

Do you dream of working in the petrochemical industry?
Do you want opportunities to prove yourself and advance according to your skills?
Do you want a career that is more than “just a job”?

If you answered “YES” to any of these, then come and explore how we can help make your career dreams come true!  

With our structured industrial and graduate training program, not only will you gain real-life work experience; you will also be part of a flexible learning and development program which will increase your professional value. With all that, you have only one way to go .… UP!

There are two programs for undergraduates and fresh graduates at BASF PETRONAS Chemicals:


Industrial Training

The Industrial Training Program is made available to all students from the

recognized local and overseas universities and institutions of higher learning.

Priority shall be given to the final year students.

Graduate Training

The Graduate Training program is made available to all fresh graduates with less

than one year working experience from recognized local and overseas

universities, vocational / apprenticeship training institutes, etc.

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