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Our products are the primary link between us and our customers who rely significantly on us to provide consistent high quality products. To fulfill our promise of excellent service to them, our production processes are constantly reviewed and innovated.

Our participation in Responsible Care® extends our commitment beyond the point of supply. This global industry wide initiative entails that we educate and assist our customers to handle our products safely, from inception to ultimate disposal. To learn more about how to handle our products safely, please visit our Product Stewardship section.

Our Products

Acrylic Monomers are used in a wide range of applications throughout various industries such as adhesive i.e. in the form of pressure sensitive adhesive for Oriented Poly-Propylene tapes, in the...

Primarily serving as a solvent, it is widely used in various applications such as solvent for printing inks, extractant in the production of drugs, additive in polishers and cleaners and...

HR-PIB is an important intermediate product for the manufacturing of high performance fuel and lubricant additives, such as fuel detergents or dispersants for engine oils, including additives for...

2-Ethylhexanoic Acid is a chemical intermediate used in esters for Polyvinylbutyral film plasticizers and synthetic lubricants, in metal salts for paint dryers, in automotive coolants.


Aroma ingredients are sold to the fragrance and flavor industry, used mainly in home and personal care products and fine fragrances, as well as in the food industry and in pharmaceutical...

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